When? August 1-16, 1936
Medals won? 0

Berlin 1936

About the Games

A total of 3963 athletes from 49 countries participated in Berlin 1936 Summer Olympics. They competed in 129 events.

Most medals won (from a total of 32 teams) by: 1. Germany – 89 (33, 26, 30), 2. USA – 56 (24, 20, 12), 3. Hungary – 16 (10, 1, 5).

Lithuania in the Games

Lithuanian athletes did not participate in Berlin 1936 Summer Olympics. However, Pranas Lubinas (Frank Lubin) became an Olympic champion as a member of the USA basketball team. He later represented the Lithuanian national team and became the European Champion in 1939. It was his decisive shot that brought the Lithuanians victory in their match with the Latvian team in Kaunas.

Interesting facts

Basketball was introduced into the Olympic Games programme. Field handball and canoeing also made their first debut.

The Berlin Games are best remembered for Adolf Hitler’s failed attempt to use them to prove his theories of Aryan racial superiority. However, the most popular hero of the Games was the African-American Jesse Owens, who won four gold medals in the 100 m, 200 m, 4 x 100 m relay, and long jump.

The Berlin Olympics were the first to be broadcast on television.

Thirteen-year-old American Marjorie Gestring won the gold medal in springboard diving and became the youngest female Olympic gold medalist in the history. Twelve-year-old Danish Inge Sorensen earned a bronze medal in the 200 m breaststroke, thus becoming the youngest Olympic medalist ever.

These Games saw the introduction of the torch relay – a lit torch was carried from Olympia to the site of the Games.

These were the last Games before World War II.

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