Olympic Education Forum

The Olympic Education Forum is a one-day event for discussing the newest developments in Olympism. It has been organized by the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee (LNOC) since 2015. So far the event has attracted full halls of attendees. Last year they gathered in the Kaunas “Žalgiris” Arena.

The Olympic Education Forum is a modern event on education and sports and is one of the few such events in Lithuania.  Its purpose is to allow educators and municipalities’ employees to get acquainted with alternative ways of education, to inspire and help them broaden their minds, and to help educators combat monotony and rediscover their profession or occupation.

Every year Olympic Education Forum focuses on discussing different topics, problems, and challenges. Each event features competent Lithuanian and foreign speakers who present the ways of overcoming those challenges with the help of Olympic values and inspire educators to discover, become acquainted with, and apply new, different, and innovative educational tools.

Sport is a universal tool for developing an individual personality. It first develops an individual, and only then an athlete. Through sports, people discover things that help them in life – teamwork, respect for the opponent and environment, the conception of fair play, quick reaction, the ability to make decisions here and now, and to take initiative. These and other new ideas of the Olympic Movement are the focus of the annual Olympic Education Forum.

The topic of the forum in 2019 was “Sport + Education = Opportunities of the 21st Century”. The event’s organizer, the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee, attempted to look into the future and to find out about the most recent tendencies of educating through sports, the development of 21st-century competencies through sport and physical activity, and how sports can attribute to the development processes of young people (not necessarily actively engaged in sports).

During the Olympic Education Forum 2018, seven speakers from Great Britain, Ethiopia, France, and Lithuania shared their experiences and encouraged them to discard stereotypes and embrace differences as a way to become unified through sports. The event’s main theme was “All different, but strong together”.

During the five years of its existence, the event featured such speakers as the Head of International Operations at the Youth Sport Trust International Viv Holt,  lecturer at the Paris Nanterre University and a representative of France’s Paralympic movement,  Ludovic Buanec, Dr. Brigita Miežienė from the Lithuanian Sports University. The audience had an opportunity to participate in discussions with a former professional football player from Ethiopia Eskedar Maštavičienė, basketball coach Marius Kiltinavičius, head of the project “Youth Can” Arminas Vareika, and many others.

Like with all other events organized by the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee, attendance in the Olympic Education Forum is free of charge.

Moments from Olympic Education Forum