About LTeam

LTeam is Lithuania’s Olympic team of the best representatives of their respective sports. It is not only the biggest achievement and honor to every Lithuanian athlete to belong to the elite LTeam, but also a huge responsibility in the eyes of the whole nation. LTeam is Lithuania’s pride which unites enthusiasts of different sports under a common goal.

Created in 2013, the brand mark “LTeam” represents Lithuania throughout the whole world. Currently, LTeam unites representatives of 41 sports. They use its symbol on their outfits in all the major competitions, such as European and World Championships and European and Olympic Games.

According to the creators of the “LTeam” brand, it is not only a logo on sports outfits or a slogan for fans, but also an example to young people, an attractive business partner and a desirable goal for athletes.

The LTeam logo – a stylized oak leaf – is aimed at three main goals: to help shape Lithuania’s sports image abroad, to promote Lithuanian athletes at home and throughout the whole world, and to encourage physical activity among Lithuanian citizens, children and youth in particular.

“When represented by a single logo, our team becomes much more recognizable and visible in international arenas”, says the Olympic vice-champion rower Saulius Ritteris.

“Being a part of LTeam means more than an honor, appreciation and exclusivity. It’s also a responsibility against the whole nation, especially the youngsters who can barely dream about the day they could join Lithuanian Olympic Team”, highlights two-time Olympian high jumper Airine Palsyte.

The word “LTeam” is a compound of the official abbreviation of the word “Lithuania” and the English word “team”.

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