Improvement of good governance methodologies RINGS

The idea of this Erasmus+ project is to modernize the strategic management and administration of the national Olympic committee together with partners by making cooperation with internal and external stakeholders more relevant. The tools developed during the project will help the national Olympic committee to deal more effectively with day-to-day issues and activities and contribute to the improvement of good governance.

The 30-month project (January 2020 – June 2022) will include strategic seminars and meetings with the heads and experts of national Olympic committees; identification, analysis and dissemination of good practices; national seminars in all partner countries; an online platform is being developed where all the information collected and created during the project will be available.

The project’s coordinator is the European Olympic Committees EU Office. The project’s partners together with the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee are the national Olympic committees of Denmark, Slovakia, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Netherlands and Johannes Gutenberg University in Germany.

Project duration: 2020-2022

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