Developing second career platform “Second Turn”

The main goals of this project are to help create a foundation for professionals and athletes who are just starting their careers for combining training and competition with education; to help professional athletes leaving their athletic careers to start another career and to enter the new labor market as naturally as possible; to set up a counseling system for helping athletes who are ending their careers to overcome the transition period and address recruitment challenges.

The project’s idea is to conduct special meetings in 2020, share knowledge and experience, and adopt good practices together with partners, i.e. the Estonian Olympic Committee, the German Olympic Sports Confederation and sports club “Triatlono Ritmu”. This would allow to develop a dual career system in Estonia and Lithuania.

Until the end of the project in late December 2020, an ad-hoc stakeholder group will initiate the development of a dual career structure: from advice on how to facilitate the transition to employment counseling services.

In January 2020, the LNOC representatives met with the representatives of the Lithuanian Employment Service under the Ministry of Social Security and Labor to discuss the development of the platform.

Project duration: 12 months. The project is funded by Olympic Solidarity. 


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