Athlete 365

Athlete 365

Athlete365 is the IOC’s digital platform for Olympians and elite athletes, as well as those who are only starting to walk their path towards Olympic victories. It is a brand mark that takes care of athletes’ journey to the Olympic Games and their life after. It was created by athletes for athletes.

Athlete365 aims at strengthening mutual trust between athletes and the IOC, increasing their involvement in joint activities and improving their mutual relationships.

In the Athlete365 digital platform athletes can connect with fellow athletes, access exclusive offers from the IOC and its partners, check out job opportunities, find out about grants for participating in the upcoming Olympics, etc.

Key Athlete365 directions that can also be accessed in the digital platform:

These key topics cover everything from clean sport or second career to athlete safeguarding, rights and obligations. New content in the Athlete365 platform is added every week.

Athlete365 platform also features courses, articles, videos and other resources with training and competition tips from world-renowned teachers. The personal experiences of Olympians help other athletes to get over the process of transitioning from athlete’s career into the job market.

Athlete 365 Career+

Athlete365 Career+ is a special programme delivered in cooperation with Adecco. It supports athletes while they prepare for the future and their second career. The programme offers three downloadable workbooks on these topics:

  • Education (tools and guidance for athletes looking to excelling in their educational pursuits);
  • Employment (tips on how to identify one’s interests and skills in a workplace);
  • Life skills (guide on personal skill development).
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