Recommendations for the media

During the final event of the project “Towards gender equality hand in hand with the media” organized by the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee (LNOC) a set of recommendations on gender equality and the portrayal of athletes in the media was presented.

During the seminar, these recommendations were introduced to sports journalists, PR specialists, and athletes by the LNOC President, member of the International Olympic Committee, and Olympic champion Daina Gudzinevičiūtė.

The recommendations are aimed at professional journalists, public information producers, and disseminators. Their purpose is to help establish high professional ethical standards by informing the public through visual, audio, or text information on sporting activities and achievements of different genders (women and men). These guidelines aim to develop good practice and ensure equality of information on the athletic achievements of men and women in the public sphere.

The recommendations were prepared based on the Gender Portrayal Guidelines approved by the International Olympic Committee. They were sent to the heads of all Lithuanian media portals

The recommendations contain both good and bad examples of athletes’ portrayal, as they were introduced in such a way during the seminar “Towards gender equality hand in hand with the media”.

Please click HERE for the set of recommendations on gender equality and the proper representation of athletes in the media.

“Today gender equality and equal opportunities is a very relevant topic. The more you dwell on it, the more significant it becomes. As I mentioned in the first part of this project half a year ago, by suggesting change we do not attempt to cause a revolution. Together with the Lithuanian Sport Reporters Federation and other partners, we aim at improving ourselves, consistently changing established stereotypes and standards, and educating society. We encourage athletes and the media to communicate among themselves, to try and understand each other's needs and goals, to analyze and understand global tendencies, and to incorporate them into their everyday lives,” said D. Gudzinevičiūtė during the seminar.

Gender equality in sports is one of the IOC’s priority areas. In 2020, the Olympic year, the LNOC will continue to discuss this relevant topic with sports journalists, organizations, and federations, and together with the Lithuanian Federation of Sports Journalists it is planned to organize at least one training for athletes, public relations specialists and media representatives.

The moment from the seminar: