Sports Administration Courses for Coaches

The purpose this training course is to deepen the sports coaches’ knowledge about the Olympic Movement, its ideals, challenges in the world of sports, and sports management, and to help coaches at sports organizations increase their level of professionalism in sports administration.

Target group – coaches of sports organizations

Participants – 20 coaches can participate in the training course every year.

Sports Administration Course for Coaches is organized by the LNOC and Olympic Solidarity.

The training consists of 4 intensive days with professional lecturers. This course aims at providing basic information on the LNOC’s activities, results of changes in the Lithuanian sports system and its future prospects, presenting up-to-date information on management of sports organizations and optimization of activities, sports medicine, national team formation and the Olympic mission; encouraging sports coaches to improve their professional qualifications in the management area, exchange their existing experience and ideas and thus to promote the development of the sports sector.

The course started: 2017

The course completed by: 66 coaches.

Participant feedback: “After these seminars, I changed my approach towards athletes, to how they feel and what they think. Until then, I paid little attention to the fact that athletes are the other half that needs to be consulted with, communicated with and included in planning processes. There is no “me” and “them”, there is only “us”, Vytautas Vaičikonis, Kayak and Canoe Rowing Coach.

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