Women's Leadership Project MIRACLE

The Lithuanian National Olympic Committee actively took part in the Erasmus+ sports program project MIRACLE (“Women’s Empowerment in Sport and Physical Education Industry”).

The project is aimed at women who do not hold leadership positions in sports organizations, but participate in the initiation and implementation of various projects and contribute to decision-making in sports organizations. Participation in the MIRACLE project is also relevant to the implementation of the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Agenda 2020 program.

MIRACLE project, which took place from January to December of 2018, helped women strengthen their work skills and learn from more experienced colleagues. During the project, practical training materials were adapted to develop individual skills and competencies in less experienced women. Also, a voluntary professional mentoring program was initiated for women working in sports institutions in order to ensure continuity of development.

At the closing event, Olympic champion Daina Gudzinevičiūtė shared her success story with the participant of the conference and reviewed her journey from being an athlete to becoming the president of the LNOC and, finally, the IOC member. With her example, D. Gudzinevičiūtė encouraged the project participants to have dreams, to take challenges boldly and to pursue their goals.

Project coordinator – Lithuanian Union of Sport Federations. Partners: Lithuanian National Olympic Committee, sports club “Ryto saulė”, Latvian Sports Federation Council, Italian National Olympic Committee.

Project duration: 2018

For more information, please see: www.lsfs.lt

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