Dreams and Teams

Since 2017, the British Council together with the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee (LNOC) has been implementing the Dreams and Teams project in Klaipėda. This project has been highly successful in Europe.

Dreams and Teams is a unique project that, through various sports activities, helps to develop pupils’ leadership and organizational skills and improve cooperation and teamwork, and provides educators with an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills for developing pupils’ leadership skills and other competencies required in the 21st century. The project also aims at encouraging the cooperation of schools in the Klaipėda region.

The second season of the project (2018-2019) involved 15 schools from the Klaipėda region, 60 young leaders and 30 educators out of whom a total of 7 teams was formed. Each team was assigned a particular topic and had an opportunity to deepen their experience and knowledge by participating in experiential activities. Based on the experience and skills acquired, the young leaders later conducted interactive sports activities for younger pupils of their schools. These activities were attended by 649 pupils.

Educators also participated in long-term training courses. Moreover, a joint training course for educators and pupils was conducted, as well as interactive sports activities for the participants of the Lithuanian Schools Games finalists.

The programme’s participants claim that they learned to communicate more freely, to hear out other opinions and to work based on them, changed their attitudes towards competing, got to know each other better, rearranged their values system both in sports and in life, and gained more confidence and improved their ability to work in a team.

According to teachers, one of the most important things they came to realize was the understanding that educators have to make room for pupils’ mistakes. Teachers also acknowledged that during the project they not only improved their professional competencies, bet also became better individuals.

Dreams and Teams is a continuous project, it will also be taking place during the school year 2019-2020.  

List of Dreams and Teams project participants

Moments of Dreams and Teams project

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