Fair Play Challenge

What does it mean to be responsible for the whole team? Where is the boundary between fair play and cutting corners, i.e. taking the easier path? How can the principles of fair play be beneficial in everyday life? During the project “Fair Play Challenge” for pupils of 12-13 years, these and other questions are answered through participation in practical activities, playing games, and performing various tasks.

The project is aimed at Lithuanian pupils of 6th and 7th forms. During the first stage of the project, teams consisting of 9 members perform the “Fair Play” tasks at school. Later the organizers select 11 teams for participation in the final event. In 2019, it took place in Kėdainiai Sports Arena.

During all the stages the pupils are introduced to the fundamentals and importance of fair play in sports to develop their skills of making decisions, improving competencies, nurturing integrity, respect, responsibility, and a sense of unity, as well as understanding that everyone is responsible for creating a safe, responsible, and pleasant environment. Fundamentals of fair play and the project: integrity, respect, responsibility, unity, and safety for everyone.

Course of the project

  • The project invites all Lithuanian pupils of 6th and 7th forms. The pupils and their teacher form a 9-member team.
  • Following the registration for participation, the organizers send the participants detailed information and tasks that the teams have to complete.
  • 11 teams are selected for the final event, during which different situations are introduced where the teams have to make decisions based on ideas of fair play.
  • During the final event, the teams have an opportunity to try out different sports and become acquainted with athletes and other participants.

50 Lithuania’s schools took part in the “Fair Play Challenge 2018-2019”. Pupils from Šilalė, Skuodas, Molėtai, Klaipėda, Alytus, and other towns and cities participated in the final event in Kėdainiai.

“Fair Play Challenge” finals in 2019:

“Fair Play Challenge” finals in 2018:


The idea of the Fair Play Challenge was conceived by a member of the LNOC’s Fair Play Committee Filomena Beleškevičienė. The Lithuanian National Olympic Committee helped to bring this idea to life in 2013.

Lithuania officially joined the global Fair Play movement 26 years ago, when on LNOC’s initiative the Fair Play Commission was established, which later was renamed as the Lithuanian Fair Play Committee. This committee organized the Lithuanian Fair Play awards and seminars, and since 2013 it has been bringing the ideas of fair play into Lithuanian schools.

Moments from the “Fair Play Challenge” project