Preparation for the International Project New Miracle Continues


On Monday, a virtual meeting of the partners of the international project New Miracle took place, during which discussions were held on the preparation for the implementation of the unique initiative.

The project will involve the creation of a free training programme for young or aspiring sport managers and an exclusive mentoring platform where participants will have the opportunity to consult with experienced colleagues.

“We are currently working hard to develop a virtual platform that will give sport managers a unique opportunity to learn from their colleagues’ experience.

For a number of years, we have been conducting training sessions for both beginners and advanced sport administrators, organised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Olympic Solidarity. This platform will be a strong step forward for the development of sport management in Lithuania,” said Agnė Vanagienė, Deputy Chief of Olympic Sport at the National Olympic Committee of Lithuania (LNOC).

The first training sessions are planned to start at the end of this year.

The project New Miracle is a unique LNOC initiative joined by four other European National Olympic Committees: those of Italy, Latvia, Estonia and Slovakia. The LNOC application was one of the few to win European Union (EU) funding for project implementation. The initiative was granted maximum funding amounting to €355,000.

One of the main objectives of the project is to promote gender equality, leadership and participation in decision-making, and to develop self-confidence. Good examples of the project will hopefully lead to changes in society. The project is expected to involve both young volunteers in the field of sport and decision-makers working in sports federations, clubs and other sports organisations.


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