New Miracle project in full swing: the knowledge of change management for female sports managers


Valdo Knyzelio nuotr.

New Miracle, an international project promoting women’s leadership, is now in full swing. This week, 20 Lithuanian female sports managers gathered in Birštonas for the third session of the national training.

The project, which takes place in 5 European countries, consists of joint international and national trainings in each country, linked by a common topic.

“We have already held 5 national and international trainings and the progress of the participants is evident. This is encouraging,” said Agnė Vanagienė, Deputy Director of Olympic Sport of the National Olympic Committee of Lithuania (LNOC) and the project initiator.


The project participants, together with experienced lecturers, studied change management in Birštonas.

“To be able to properly prepare for and implement changes is one of the key qualities of a leader, encompassing both managerial and psychological skills. Therefore, it was important for us to include this topic in the training when preparing the project.

So far, the participants have already learned about internal and external communication, branding, leadership and good governance. We have received very good feedback and they are able to put their knowledge into practice and thus not only contribute to the development of the sports organisation they represent, but also initiate projects and changes.

This is exactly what our goal was – to empower women to take the lead, not to be afraid of ambitious goals and to pursue them with determination,” commented Ms Vanagienė.

The New Miracle project is a unique LNOC initiative joined by the National Olympic Committees from Italy, Latvia, Estonia and Slovakia. In total, over 100 female sports managers from 5 countries are participating in the project.

Agnė Vanagienė (dešinėje). V. Knyzelio nuotr.

Agnė Vanagienė (dešinėje). V. Knyzelio nuotr.

“The project consists not only of training but also mentoring. The participants have the opportunity to consult with experienced professionals, improve their collaboration skills and gain invaluable experience. The international training sessions are not only about learning from lecturers, but also exchanging knowledge with foreign colleagues,” said Ms Vanagienė.

The fourth and final session of the national training will take place in September. The project will close with an international training session in Vilnius in early October.

The project is one of 315 projects that have won European Union funding for implementation in 2021. A total of 1107 applications were submitted.




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