LTeam athletes encourage safe greeting by placing the hand above the heart



In April, pharmacy chain Eurovaistinė launched the initiative “For Everyone’s Health” which encourages safe greeting by placing one’s hand above the heart. The initiative is supported by athletes of the Lithuanian Olympic team LTeam, TV and radio hosts, and etiquette expert Arminas Lydeka. Celebrities have been posting their selfies with their hand above heart in social networks.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the usual way of communicating with each other, therefore people had to were forced to give up handshakes, hugs or kisses on the cheeks. However, they still want to show attention and affection to their loved ones.  In response to these changes, LTeam’s sponsor Eurovaistinė suggests a safe sign of greeting – placing one’s hand above the heart.

The Chair of the Board at Eurovaistinė Ingrida Damulienė reveals that she has already noticed this form of greeting to be taking roots in our society. “I still work from home based on the recommendations, therefore I often meet my neighbors who greet me with their hand above their heart. This gesture was adopted very quickly, and I am glad to see it both in formal and informal communication. Even when following safe distance requirements, hand on the heart brings us closer together”, says I. Damulienė.

The initiative was supported by discus thrower Andrius Gudžius, sprinter Agnė Šerkšnienė, pentathletes Justinas Kinderis and Ieva Serapinaitė, racewalker Brigita Virbalytė-Dimšienė, wrestlers Vilius Laurinaitis and Mantas Knystautas, rower Saulius Ritter, sailer Juozas Bernotas and the LNOC President, Olympic champion Daina Gudzinevičiūtė.

The gesture is also quickly gaining popularity among customers in pharmacies. Pharmacist Miglė Kazakevičienė who was filmed for a social advertising video says that she has already been seeing customers who use the gesture. Many pharmacists also try to use it.

“Some of our employees only now returned to work following the announcement of the quarantine. We greet them by placing our hand above the heart and since they saw it on TV while staying at home, they accept it easily”, says the pharmacist.

According to M. Kazakevičienė, this sign of greeting induces warm feelings, as this gesture has a deep meaning and brings a sense of pride. The pharmacist noticed that it is used more often by older people for greeting and expressing gratitude, they accept the gesture more easily, but it is also becoming more popular among the youth. Customers gladly accept this sign of attention.

Eurovaistinė encourages everyone to join the initiative. You can share your moments of quarantine and pictures depicting hands above hearts by emailing them at

By emailing pictures of you or other photographed persons you give Eurovaistinė your permission to use them for campaign publicity purposes.

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