LNOC position on Russians and Belarusians at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games


The position of the National Olympic Committee of Lithuania (LNOC) on Russian and Belarusian athletes at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games:

The LNOC’s position remains unchanged: we do not support the participation of Russians and Belarusians in the Paris Olympics or in any other international sporting event while the war is ongoing in Ukraine.

We believe that it is unacceptable and unfair to allow athletes and officials from the aggressor countries to return to the international sports arena.

The LNOC calls on its members – the Olympic Sports Federations and the federations of the sports included in the Paris 2024 programme – to unite with their counterparts from other countries and demand that the International Federations maintain their principled position and ensure that Russians and Belarusians are not allowed to compete at Paris 2024.



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