When? February 18-24, 2007
Where? SPAIN
Medals won? 0

Jaka 2007 European Youth Winter Olympic Festival

Facts and figures

6 sports, 20 events, and 1284 athletes from 43 nations.

Most medals won (from a total of 15 teams) by: 1. Russia – 11 (4, 3, 4), 2. Germany – 9 (3, 3, 3), 3. Austria – 8 (2, 3, 3).

Lithuania in the Olympic Festival

This time the Lithuanian delegation consisted of 14 athletes who competed in biathlon, skiing, and figure skating events.

The achievements of the Lithuanians were pretty humble. Figure skater Saulius Ambrulevičius was the most successful among the Lithuanian athletes and placed 17th.

Future Olympians biathlete Tomas Kaukėnas and skier Modestas Vaičiulis also participated in this festival.

T. Kaukėnas, however, suffered a misfortune at the beginning of the 7.5 km sprint event when his ski pole broke. While it was being replaced, the athlete lost a lot of time and finished 58th among 82 participants. He managed to reach 41st place in the pursuit race.

M. Vaičiulis placed 54th in the classical race.

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