When? February 12-17, 2017
Medals won? 1

Erzurum 2017 European Youth Winter Olympic Festival

Facts and figures

9 sports, 38 events, 646 athletes from 34 nations.

Most medals won (from a total of 18 teams) by: 1. Russia – 39 (19, 9, 11), 2. France – 21 (7, 8, 6), 3. Slovenia – 10 (5, 2, 3), … 9. Lithuania – 1 (1, 0, 0).

Lithuania in the Olympic Festival

In Turkey Lithuania was represented by 9 athletes who competed in figure skating, short track speed skating, skiing, and biathlon events.

Short track speed skater Salvijus Ramanauskas won Lithuania’s first gold medal of the Olympic Youth Winter Festival. Symbolically, the athlete who carried the Lithuanian national flag during both the opening and the closing ceremonies became the champion on February 16th – the Day of Restoration of the State of Lithuania. The 16-year-old athlete won the 500 m event. He also reached the finals of both 1,000 m and 1,500 m events, but did not finish the races.

Figure skater Valerija Keda placed 14th. Skier Ąžuolas Bajoravičius was the best among his teammates and reached 21st place in the sprint event and 23rd place in the 7.5 km pursuit race. Ana Jesipionok was the best among Lithuanian biathletes and placed 24th both in the 6 km sprint event and in the 7.5 pursuit race. In the mixed relay event the Lithuanians were 11th.

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