Representatives of European Sports Organisations Upgrading their Professional Knowledge at the National New Miracle Training


S. Čirba photo

The project New Miracle, initiated by the National Olympic Committee of Lithuania (LNOC) to promote women’s leadership in sport, is gaining momentum. This week, more than 100 aspiring and experienced female sports managers in five different European countries took part in the project’s second national training event.

The project New Miracle is a unique initiative of the LNOC, with four other European national Olympic committees in Italy, Latvia, Estonia and Slovakia joining it. In preparation for this project, a free training programme and an exclusive mentoring platform for novice sports managers was created where project participants have the opportunity to get advice from experienced colleagues and improve their collaboration skills.


During the second national training, participants in all five European countries engaged in theoretical and practical sessions where they analysed the topic of communication, which covers interpersonal, internal and external communication and brand development subjects.

All project’s training sessions for the representatives of sports organisations are delivered by local national experts.

L. Balaiša (S. Čirba photo)

The New Miracle project offers the opportunity to gain knowledge not only in national but also in international training sessions, which bring together representatives of sports organisations from all five European countries. This is a unique opportunity to share good practice and develop cross-border relationships.

Mokymų akimirka (S. Čirba photo)

Back in February, the project participants met for a training session in Bratislava, and the next plans for the project include an international training session in Riga, where the selected participants will travel at the end of April.

One of the main objectives of the project is to promote gender equality, leadership and participation in decision-making, and to develop self-confidence. Good examples from the project are expected to lead to changes in society. 



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