When? February 12-28, 2010
Medals won? 0

Vancouver 2010

About the Games

A total of 2566 athletes from 82 countries participated in Vancouver Winter Olympics. They competed in 86 events.

Most medals won in Vancouver 2010 (from a total of 26 teams) by: 1. Canada – 26 (14, 7, 5), 2. Germany – 30 (10, 13, 7), 3. USA – 37 (9, 15, 13).

Lithuania in the Games

6 Lithuanian athletes participated in Vancouver Winter Olympics: 4 skiers, 1 biathlete and 1 Alpine skier. For the first time since 1992, the Lithuanian delegation did not include figure skaters.

Skiers Mantas Strolia and Modestas Vaičiulis were the most successful among Lithuanians – they placed 18th in the team sprint event.

During the Opening ceremony the Lithuanian national flag was carried by skier Irina Terentjeva.

Interesting facts

Cayman Islands, Colombia, Ghana, Montenegro, Pakistan, Peru and Serbia made their Winter Olympics debuts.

A new freestyle skiing event of ski cross was added to the Olympic programme.

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