When? February 10-26, 2006
Where? ITALY
Medals won? 0

Turin 2006

About the Games

A total of 2508 athletes from 80 countries participated in Turin Winter Olympics. They competed in 84 events.

Most medals won in Turin 2006 Winter Olympics (from a total of 26 teams) by: 1. Germany – 29 (11, 12, 6), 2. USA – 25 (9, 9, 7), 3. Austria – 23 (9, 7, 7).

Lithuania in the Games

7 Lithuanian athletes participated in Turin Winter Olympics: 2 ice dancers, 2 skiers, 2 biathletes, and 1 Alpine skier.

Margarita Drobiazko and Povilas Vanagas who had participated in their 5th Olympic Games achieved the best result among the Lithuanian athletes by placing 7th in the ice dance event.

Biathlete Diana Rasimovičiūtė placed 18th. At the time this was the best result of the independent Lithuania’s biathletes in the Olympic Games.

Interesting facts

With a population of more than 900,000, Turin became the largest city ever to host the Olympic Winter Games.

For the first time, live video coverage of the Games was available on mobile phones.

Albania, Madagascar and Ethiopia were all represented in the Winter Olympics for the first time.  It was the first and only appearance at the Winter Olympics for Serbia and Montenegro as a single country.

Events that made their Olympic debut in Turin included mass start biathlon, team sprint cross-country skiing, snowboard cross and team pursuit speed skating.

2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games


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