When? February 13-24, 1980
Where? USA
Medals won? 0

Lake Placid 1980

About the Games

Following a 48-year break, Lake Placid once again hosted the Winter Olympics with 1072 participants from 37 countries. They competed in 38 events.

Most medals won (from a total of 19 teams) by: 1.  USSR – 22 (10, 6, 6), 2. GDR – 23 (9, 7, 7), 3. USA – 23 (6, 4, 2).

Interesting facts

In order to ensure best possible conditions of the Games, snow machines were used for the first time in Olympic history.

American speed skater Eric Heiden won all five speed skating events, setting an Olympic record in every one. He became the first Olympian to win five gold medals in individual events at the same Games.

The USA ice hockey team, composed mostly of students, went down in history as the “Miracle on ice” by winning over the veteran USSR team in the finals with the score of 4:3. The win against Finland (4:2) secured the gold medal.

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