When? July 18 - August 3, 1980
Where? USSR
Medals won? 11

Moscow 1980

About the Games

A total of 5179 athletes from 80 countries participated in Moscow Summer Olympics and competed in 203 events.

Most medals won (from a total of 36 teams) by: 1. USSR – 195 (80, 69, 46), 2. GDR – 126 (47, 37, 42), 3. Bulgaria – 41 (8, 16, 17).

Lithuania in the Games

16 Lithuanian athletes participated in Moscow Summer Olympics. They competed in canoeing and rowing, basketball, track and field athletics, swimming, handball, and shooting events and won 11 medals.

Basketball player Angelė Rupšienė and handball player Aldona Česaitytė-Nenėnienė became Olympic champions for the second time. Gold also was won by Vida Beselienė who represented the USSR basketball team and handball player Sigita Mažeikaitė-Strečen.

Swimmers Robertas Žulpa and Lina Kačiušytė both became a champion in 200 m breaststroke. L. Kačiušytė also placed 7th in the 100 m breaststroke event.

Runner Remigijus Valiukis together with his teammates won the 4 × 400 m relay event.

Voldemaras Novickis and the USSR men’s handball team became Olympic vice champions.

Bronze medals were also won by rowers Jonas Narmontas and Jonas Pinskus, as well as basketball player Sergejus Jovaiša.

Shooter Vladas Turla placed 4th. Galina Murašova placed 7th in the discus throwing finals.

Lithuanian referees participated in Moscow Olympiad, while Janis Grinbergas served as the director of the handball tournament.

Interesting facts

Following the Soviet invasion Afghanistan, 66 countries decided to boycott Moscow Summer Olympics. Some athletes from 15 of the boycotting countries decided to participate in the Olympic Games and marched under the Olympic Flag during the Opening ceremony. The Olympic Flag and Olympic Hymn were used at medal ceremonies when athletes from these countries won medals Competitors from New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain competed under the flags of their respective National Olympic Committees.

Angola, Botswana, Cyprus, Jordan, Laos, Mozambique and Seychelles made their first appearance at the Games.

Soviet gymnast Alexander Dityatin became the first athlete to win eight medals at an Olympics. He won 3 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze medals.

The boycott deprived the women’s field hockey tournament of all of its competitors except the USSR. Five other teams were hastily invited. The members for the team of Zimbabwe were selected less than a week before the Games, where they surprised everyone by winning gold.

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