When? February 4-15, 1976
Medals won? 0

Innsbruck 1976

About the Games

1123 athletes from 37 teams participated in 1976 Winter Olympics that took place in Innsbruck for the second time. They competed in 37 events.

Most medals won (from a total of 16 teams) by: 1. USSR – 27 (13, 6, 8), 2. GDR – 19 (7, 5, 7), 3. USA – 10 (3, 3, 4).

Interesting facts

At first the 1976 Games had been awarded to Denver, USA. However, in 1972 the people of the state of Colorado voted to prohibit public funds from being used to organize the Games. Innsbruck that had already hosted the Games 12 years earlier offered to step in.

The USSR athlete Galina Kulakova finished 3rd in the 5 km ski event, but was disqualified due to a positive test for banned substance ephedrine.  She claimed that this was a result of using the nasal spray that contained the substance. This was the first stripped medal at the Winter Olympics. Also, however, both the IOC and the FIS allowed her to compete in the 10 km individual race and the 4×5 km relay.

Liechtenstein athletes won its first ever Olympic medals – Alpine skiers Willi Frommelt and Hanni Wenzel both won bronze in the slalom event.

Andorra and San Marino participated in their first Winter Olympic Games.

Bobsleigh and luge events took place on the same track for the first time ever.

A discipline of figure skating – ice dance – was introduced for the first time as an Olympic event.

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