When? August 25 – September 11, 1960
Where? ITALY
Medals won? 3

Rome 1960

About the Games

A total of 5338 athletes from 83 countries participated in the Games and competed in 150 events.

Most medals won (from a total of 44 teams) by: 1. USSR – 103 (43, 29, 31), 2. USA – 71 (34, 21, 16), 3. Italy – 36 (13, 10, 13).

Lithuania in the Games

Four Lithuanian athletes who went to Rome won 3 medals, and were very close to winning four.

Zigmas Jukna and Antanas Bagdonavičius won silver in coxed pairs rowing event. Their coxswain was Russian Igor Rudakov.

Bronze was won by javelin thrower Birutė Zalagaitytė-Kalėdienė.

Mykolas Rudzinas together with Ukrainian Ivan Golovatzhev were fourth in K-2 1000 m event.

Interesting facts

Athletes from Morocco, San Marino, Sudan, and Tunisia competed at the Olympic Games for the first time.  Athletes from Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago jointly represented the new British West Indies Federation for the first and last time.

Abebe Bikila of Ethiopia won the marathon barefooted and became the first black African Olympic gold champion.

Boxer Cassius Clay gained international fame by winning the light-heavyweight gold medal. Later he became known as Muhammad Ali and for many years was the best among professional boxers.

Abdul Wahid Aziz won a bronze medal in the weightlifting event and became the only person to have won an Olympic medal for Iraq.  Since then Iraq has not won any more medals.

Crown Prince Constantine, the future King of Greece, won a gold medal in sailing. The future Queen Sofía of Spain (consort to the Juan Carlos I) was a reserve member of Greece’s gold medal-winning sailing team.

South Africa appeared in Rome under its apartheid regime. After that the South African delegation returned to the Olympics only in 1992.

The Pakistani Men’s Field Hockey was the first to defeat India and won Pakistan’s first Olympic gold medal.

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