When? February 14-25, 1952
Medals won? 0

Oslo 1952

About the Games

A total of 694 athletes from 30 countries participated in Oslo 1952 Winter Olympics. They competed in 22 events.

Most medals won (from a total of 13 teams) by: 1. Norway – 16 (7, 3, 6), 2. USA – 11 (4, 6, 1), 3. Finland – 9 (3, 4, 2).

Interesting facts

Princess Ragnhild opened the Games in place of her grandfather, King Haakon VII of Norway, who was in London attending the funeral of His Majesty King George VI.

The Netherlands won their first Winter Olympics medals.

Portugal and New Zealand made their debut in the Winter Olympic Games that were held in a Scandinavian country for the first time ever. Japan and Germany returned to the Olympic family.

In figure skating, for the first time computers were used to calculate the scores awarded by different judges.

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