When? February 11-19, 1928
Medals won? 0

St. Moritz 1928

About the Games

A total of 464 athletes from 25 countries participated in St. Moritz 1928 Winter Olympics. They competed in 14 events.

Most medals won (from a total of 12 teams) by: 1. Norway – 15 (6, 4, 5), 2. USA – 6 (2, 2, 2), 3. Sweden – 5 (2, 2, 1).

Lithuania in the Games

In St. Moritz 1928 Winter Olympics Lithuania was represented for the first time ever by a multi-sport athlete and Lithuania’s sporting pioneer Kęstutis Bulota who participated in four speed skating events. He finished 28th in the 500 m event, 25th in the 1500 and 5000 m events. The 10,000 m event was canceled because of thawing ice.

Interesting facts

The Olympics were memorable not only for athletic results, but also for fluctuating weather conditions. The opening ceremony was held in a blizzard. 50km cross country race began at 0 °C and by its end the temperature reached as high as 25 °C.  Swede Per Erik Hedlund was the only one to conquer the conditions, winning in a time more than 13 minutes faster than any of his competitors. The 10,000 was canceled because of thawing ice.

Japanese athletes became the first Asian participants in the Winter Games.

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Lithuanian athletes in St. Moritz 1928 Winter Olympics




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