When? May 17 - August 12, 1928
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Amsterdam 1928

Apie žaidynes

Amsterdamo olimpinėse žaidynėse dalyvavo 2883 sportininkai iš 46 šalių. Jie kovojo dėl 109 medalių komplektų. Daugiausia medalių iškovojo (iš viso medalius laimėjo 33 rinktinių atstovai): 1. JAV – 56 (22, 18, 16), 2. Vokietija – 31 (10, 7, 14), 3. Suomija – 25 (8, 8, 9).

About the Games

A total of 2883 athletes from 46 countries participated in the Games and competed in 109 events.

Most medals won (from a total of 33 teams) by: 1. USA – 56 (22, 18, 16), 2. Germany – 31 (10, 7, 14), 3. Finland – 25 (8, 8, 9).

Lithuania in the Games

12 Lithuanian athletes took part in the Amsterdam 1928 Summer Olympics: 2 boxers, 4 cyclists, 5 track and field athletes, and 1 weightlifter. The best result was achieved by boxer Juozas Vinča, who shared 5th–8th places. J. Vinča (light heavyweight, up to 79.4 kg) won the first match, but lost to his South African competitor in the quarterfinals. The other boxer Kazys Markevičius (lightweight, up to 61.2 kg) lost his first match and shared 17-24 place.

Among cyclist the most successful was Tarchumas Murnikas who finished the 168 km individual road race and placed 50th among 63 competitors. Jurgis Gediminas was 55th, while Isakas Anolikas and Vladas Jankausas did not finish the race.

Weightlifter Pranas Vitonis (lightweight, up to 75 kg) who lifted 275 kg and shared 15th-16th places.

The first woman to represent Lithuania in the Olympics Paulina Radziulytė competed in women’s 800 meters and  23rd–24th overall among 25 athletes.

Hansas Šveminas competed in men’s 100 m and 200 m events, but did not advance further. Julius Petraitis also did not manage to advance after finishing 10th in 5,000 event heat. High jumper Adolfas Akelaitis jumped 160 cm and placed 33rd among 35 participants. Viktoras Ražaitis threw the javelin 51.16 m and was 26th among 28 competitors.

17 year old USA swimming team member Albina Osipavičiūtė of Lithuanian descent won 2 gold medals. Albina Lucy Charlotte Osipowich was born on February 26, 1911 in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Interesting facts

For the first time, the Olympic fire was lit during the Games. It was was lit in a cauldron that was placed at the top of a tower in the stadium.

During the Opening ceremony, the parade of nations started with Greece and ended with the host Dutch team. This tradition has continued ever since.

The number of female competitors increased significantly as women were finally allowed to compete in gymnastics and athletics.

The performance of Australian rower Henry Pearce has become a legend. Midway through his quarter final he stopped to let a family of ducks pass. Then he went on to win the race and eventually the gold medal.

Amsterdam Summer Olympics were the first to be organized under the IOC presidency of Henri de Baillet-Latour.

Athletics events were held on a 400-meter track, later becoming the standard for athletics tracks.

In Amsterdam India won its first ever gold medal in field hockey, beginning a streak of six consecutive gold medals in the sport.

Coca-Cola made its first appearance as the sponsor of the Olympic Games.

Germany returned to the Olympic Games for the first time since 1912, after being banned from the 1920 and 1924 Games.

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