When? May 4 - July 27, 1924
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Paris 1924

About the Games

3088 athletes from 44 teams participated in Paris 1924 Summer Olympics and competed in 126 events. Most medals won (from a total of 27 teams) by: 1. USA – 99 (45, 27, 27), 2. Finland – 37 (14, 13, 10), 3. France – 38 (13, 15, 10).

Lithuania in the Games

May 25, 1924 3:30 PM marks Lithuania’s Olympic debut when Lithuanian football players began their game with the Swiss team that would later become the vice champions of the Paris Summer Olympics. The team was assembled several days before the competition and did not even have the chance to train together, therefore, only 10 hours after a tiring 40-hour train trip from Kaunas to Paris they lost their debut game with the score of 0:9 and did not advance further.

In its Olympic application Lithuania listed seven sports (boxing, cycling, fencing, football, wrestling, gymnastics, and shooting). However, due to various reasons only football and cycling teams were eventually sent to Paris. Isakas Anolikas and Juozas Vilpišauskas participated in 188 km road race, but due to mechanical malfunctions did not finish it.  

The football team consisted of Stepas Garbačiauskas, Valerijonas Balčiūnas, Vincas Bartuška, Hansas Gecas, Georgas Hardingsonas, Stasys Janušauskas-Jonušas, Leonas Juozapaitis, Eduardas Mikučiauskas, Stasys Razma, Stasys Sabaliauskas, and Juozas Žebrauskas.     

In the beginning of June the Lithuanian football team played a friendly match with Egypt’s team and lost with the score of 0:10.

Interesting facts

In Paris Summer Olympics the athletes were accommodated in an Olympic Village for the first time.

The 1924 Olympics were the first to use the standard 50 m pool with marked lanes.

The Olympic motto “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (Faster, Higher, Stronger) was used for the first time at these Olympics.

The art competition reached its apogee with 193 participants who were awarded a total of 14 medals.

After Paris Summer Olympics, tennis was removed from the programme until the 1988 Games.

During the Closing ceremony a new tradition was introduced involving the raising of three flags: the flag of the host nation, the flag of the next host nation, and the flag of the IOC.

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