When? April 20 - September 12, 1920
Where? Belgium
Medals won? 0

Antwerp 1920

About the Games

The 1916 Summer Olympics were scheduled to be held Berlin, capital of the German Empire, however, they were canceled due to World War I. The right to host the 1920 Summer Olympics was given to Antwerp to honor the suffering that had been inflicted on the Belgian people during the war.

A total of 2622 athletes from 29 countries participated in the Games and competed in 156 events.

Most medals won (from a total of 22 teams) by: 1. USA – 95 (41, 27, 27), 2. Sweden – 64 (19, 20, 25), 3. Great Britain – 43 (15, 15, 13).

Interesting facts

During the Opening Ceremony of the Antwerp 1920 Summer Olympics, the Olympic flag with five rings signifying the five continents was raised for the first time in the history. Also, the Olympic oath to compete in a fair manner was taken for the first time on behalf of all competitors and white doves were released as a symbol of peace.

In these Olympic Games figure skating appeared for the first time since the 1908 Olympics, and ice hockey made its Olympic debut.

Swedish shooter Oscar Swahn won silver and became the oldest Olympic medal winner ever.

For the first time, only the National Olympic Committees could enroll participants.

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