When? May 5 - July 27, 1912
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Stockholm 1912

About the Games

A total of 2407 athletes from 28 countries participated in the Stockholm 1908 Olympics. They competed in 102 events.

Most medals won (from a total of 18 teams) by: 1. USA – 63 (25, 19, 19), 2. Sweden – 65 (24, 24, 17), 3. Great Britain – 41 (10, 15, 16).

Lithuania in the Games

Although the official debut of Lithuania took place in 1924, there also were some Lithuanians in Stockholm Olympics – swimmer Nikolajus Voronkovas from the Vilnius region and shooter Leonardus Sytinas participated as members of the Russian Empire delegation.

Interesting facts

These were the first Olympic Games to use automatic timing equipment and the photo finish in running events.

These Games went down in history for records of endurance. The course for the cycling road race was 320 km – the longest ever in Olympic history. In Greco-Roman wrestling, the middleweight semi-final match between Russian Martin Klein and Finland’s Alfred Asikainen lasted 11 hours and 40 minutes.

For the first time, participants of the Games came from all five continents.  It was also the first time Japan participated.

Also, the modern pentathlon, women’s swimming and women’s diving made their Olympic debuts.

American Jim Thorpe won the events of pentathlon and decathlon.  Later he was disqualified when it was discovered that before the Games he had accepted a small sum to play baseball, and professional athletes were not allowed to participate in the Games. However, in 1982 the IOC decided to reinstate Jim Thorpe and gave his Olympic medals back to his daughter.

During the Stockholm Olympics, art contests of literature, music, painting, sculpting, and architecture were organized for the first time ever.

The literary contest was won by Baron de Coubertin who, under the nom de plume of Georges Hohrod and M. Eschbach, wrote “Ode to sport”.

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