When? May 14 - October 28, 1900
Medals won? 0

Paris 1900

About the Games

During the 1900 Summer Olympics, a total of 997 competitors (among them 22 women) from 28 countries took part in 95 events in 19 different sports.

Most medals won by: 1. France – 112 (29, 44, 39), 2. USA – 48 (19, 14, 15), 3. Great Britain – 32 (16, 7, 9).

Interesting facts

During these Games no opening or closing ceremonies were held. Competitions began on 14 May and ended on 28 October.

Most of the winners did not receive medals, but were given cups or other trophies. Professionals competed in fencing. The French athlete Albert Robert Ayat, who won the competition for amateurs and masters, was awarded a prize of 3000 francs.

Some events were held for the only time in the history of the Games, including automobile and motorcycle racing, ballooning, cricket, croquet, Basque pelota, and 200 m swimming obstacle race and underwater swimming.

This was also the only Olympic Games in history to use live animals (pigeons) as targets during the shooting event.

Events of five sports – tennis, football, polo, rowing, and tug of war could have mixed teams with members from different countries.

Alvin Kraenzlein became the star of the Games by winning 60, 110 and 200 meters hurdles and long jump events.

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